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This Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) was designed to assess the economic and environmental impacts from various best management practices(BMPs) in reducing sediment yield on rangeland watersheds. The SDSS includes three major parts: the models, database and web-based interfaces. The models provide the watershed economic analysis. The models maximize the profit of a representative ranch assumed to cover the whole watershed with the constraints of production technology, resource, sediment control objectives and sustainable utilization. There are two major types of models, static and dynamic. Each model type supported variations in plant growth, grazing and ranch operations. Upland erosion was estimated through RUSLE2 and the sediment yield of a watershed was estimated from upland erosion and sediment delivery ratios.

A series of customized web pages were developed to support users' inputs, watershed analysis and result visualization. The embedded procedures were integrated into the SDSS to support analytical functionality, including geospatial analysis, model parameterization and web page generation.