Welcome to the Rangeland Decision Support System

About the study

The RDSS is part of a long-term effort to improve the science used in rangeland management by making remote sensing an operational tool, especially for public land managers and the NRCS. This project is funded by NASA under the name "Rangeland Decision Support System: Improving the decision making process at the USDA by incorporating grassland canopy cover estimates derived from MODIS observations and a web-based geospatial data delivery tool". Applied Geosolutions LLC, USDA-ARS Southwest Watershed Research Center, USDA-NRCS in Arizona and New Mexico, Michigan State University, and RANGES LLC are all partners in the project. This project has the following objectives:

  1. Use MODIS-based fractional cover data to assess the effectiveness of past NRCS conservation planning.
  2. Use MODIS-based fractional cover data in the ranking of program applicants to allocate NRCS funds.
  3. Extend validation of MODIS-based fractional cover data to rangelands in New Mexico.
  4. Standardize the analysis procedures in Objectives 1 and 2 within our web-based system.