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About the CPDS (Conservation Planning Decision Support) Tool

The CPDS Tool is a web based application that automates the decision support process, step 5 of the 9-step NRCS planning process.
The application aims at helping land owners and resource conservationists in identifying and reviewing current resource concerns in a given field or conservation management unit (CMU) and matching them to candidate conservation practices using the Conservation Practices Physical Effects (CPPE) data base.

The CPDS Tool allows the user to find the most effective conservation practices that can be used to address the resource concerns in a CMU. The CPDS Tool is based on Sections III, IV and V of the NRCS's eFOTG and the National Planning Procedures Handbook. These documents describe the process and relationships of practices and their effects, resource concerns, quality criteria, and relationships to a conservation plan.

The end product of the CPDS Tool is a display of a comprehensive set of conservation practices from which to develop resource management system alternatives. Alternatives can be viewed by the landowner to decide an effective course of treatment for the CMU being investigated.

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